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Hello fellow golfers, 

Just returned home to Toronto after golfing with some friends and remembered that I’d promised Jack to tell everyone how much his Igides swing-aid has helped me hit longer, straighter shots more consistently.   Jack’s been helping me solidify a repeatable swing for a long time and I feel I've been hitting better shots but I really know it’s happening when other golfers who haven’t played with me recently, openly compliment me on how well I’m striking the ball. Very gratifying.

Jack knows what he’s talking about, sees what really needs correcting and has the right drill to tweak my swing for more successful shots. Using Igides helps stabilize my balance by keeping me focused on the ball and smooths out my swing for better contact leading to straighter shots. I don’t know why but I always get a smoother rhythm to my swing when I use them. They’ve really helped speed up the transition to lower scores. Since using Igides, my average has dropped at least 8 shots in the past year so I’m sure that you’ll definitely find success by trying them.  It has been the easiest to use and the quickest to see results of any swing system I’ve ever used - and I tried many.

Like most things, the more you practice with them the faster you’ll see results. 

Ed Bailey

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Marian Zybradowski 

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